GreenSkyOnline is a leading consumer finance company primarily responsible for home improvement, retail, and unsecured credit options.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GreenSky and what does it do?

GreenSky programs make it easy for entrepreneurs to provide affordable financing to clients like you. GreenSky is the service provider for one of the largest bank loan programs in the country. Banks

GreenSky programs have funded more than one million home improvement projects. We provide credit services on behalf of more than a dozen of the nation’s leading banks.

You can think of GreenSky as a link between entrepreneurs, their customers, and banks. We bring everyone together and simplify the loan process from application to decision/approval and disbursement.

What is GreenSky Credit?

GreenSky is a technology company that offers mortgages of up to $ 65,000.

For borrowers who take out a GreenSky deferred loan and repay it during the promotional period, GreenSky is a fast and affordable alternative to other types of mortgages.

How much creditworthiness do you need for GreenSky?

GreenSky is a financing platform that offers home loans on behalf of more than a dozen banks in the United States. If you have bad credit, you are not eligible.

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Can I view my GreenSky account online from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access the GreenSky online website from your phone. Plus, with Prism, you can view not just your GreenSky online account, but all of your other monthly bills in one app.

How do I pay my GreenSky account online?

To pay online, you must create an account on the GreenSky online website. More registration information is available on the GreenSky online website.

Is Prism connected to GreenSky Online?

No, Prism is not affiliated with GreenSky Online. Prism is a standalone bill payment service that allows you to track and pay all of your bills.